BOLINGO. THE FOREST OF LOVE tells the story of the journey made by several women from the heart of Africa to North Morocco looking for the “european dream”.
This journey will get into a trip to motherhood in Bolingo or some other awaiting camp settled next to the Moroccan-Spanish border.
Bolingo means love in lingala, the language of a group of congolese migrants that decided to give a little humanity to the migrants drama in the north of Africa. Thus, they created a camp where migrant women could live with their children until circumstances allowed them to cross the border to Europe.
BOLINGO. THE FOREST OF LOVE shows the way in which these mothers confront their survival and the raising of their children during a unlimited time in a hostile land.


14th EDITION Andalusian Awards on Migration, Andalusia, SPAIN. ARTISTIC PRODUCTION COMPETITION
6th EDITION Artículo 31 Film Fest, Madrid, SPAIN. Documentary COMPETITION
12th ETHNOCINECA, International Documentary Film Festival Vienna.
International Shorts Award COMPETITION 1st PIFF – Pakistan International Film Festival
Tampere Film Festival No.15. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 4: Herstories
15th Edition Barcelona VisualSound. Festival Audiovisual de Creació Jove. Premi del Jurat Competició Documental
4th FINDECOIN – Independent International Short Film Festival. Venezuela
IX Humans Fest. Human Rights International Film Festival. Valencia
‘Cinema Verite’ Iran International Documentary Film Festival No.15. Best Mid-length Documentary Award
4th Carlos Velo International Film Festival. International Selection
Madrid Human Rights Film Festival. Documental Selection
15th Bogotá Short Film Festival. International Selection
12th Arica Nativa International Film Festival
International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary film, PRIMED. Mediterranean Short Doc. Audience Award
24th Independent Film Festival Barcelona. L’ALTERNATIVA HALL section
9th Edition of the International Unseen Film Festival “Film Sozialak” Bilbao. “Gender Equality” Selection
DocsMX 2017 | 12th International Documentary Film Festival of Ciudad de Mexico. Fragmentos Internacionales Best Documentary Short Film
4th GOLLUT Film Festival. Short Documentary Film Selection. Miquel Porter i Moix Award
2017 Mostra Viva del Mediterrani. Short Film Selection
ALCANCES. 49th Cadiz’s documentary Film Festival. Best documentary film

ShortsMX 2017 | 12th International Short Film Festival of Mexico. Best iberoamerican documentary short film
17th International Human Rights Film Festival (FICDH)
10th Cines del Sur Granada Film Festival 2017
14th African Cinema Film Festival 2017 Festival Int. du Film Policier de Liege. Best documentary film
Lanzarote Film Festival. Best documentary short film

Tripoli Film Festival 2017. Documentary Selection

Málaga Film Festival 2017. Affirming Women’s Rights

ASECAN. Andalusian Film Awards 2017. Best documentary film

IDFA | International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2016. Competition for Mid-Length Documentary
IMAGENERA Documentary Creation contest, Reality and Memory of Andalusia 2016. Silver award


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