Listen. The next stage of your journey will take you to the land of the Cimmerians.
Where the light of day is never seen.
To the country of night, to the country of continuous mist,
where the mouth of the hellish world remains opened.

Odyssey. Book X

Fotografías: Sergio Caro

Cimmeria is presented as a film essay which takes the starting point of the mythical space of the land of the Cimmerians, where, according to the Odyssey, are the gates to Hades. Right here, the protagonist of the epic poem invoked the spirit of the fortune teller Tiresias so that the way to return to Ithaca, his home, would be revealed to him.
Like the Greek hero, we intend to place ourselves at the gates of hell to carry out a search, a vital journey, a return to the matrix, a trace of the original voice.
This descent into the world of the non-living invites us to wander through different Dantesque circles as we are guided by faceless silhouettes, suggestive gleams, shadowed eyes, the voracious creaking of the stone against the violent and insatiable metal of perforation, as metaphors of a Classic Daimon that transports us from beyond to here.

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